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Competition Program

The competition program at Dance Productions - The Remix is recognized nationally for their award winning program.  A standard of excellence is the normal at Dance Productions - The Remix and it is shown by the accomplishments of our students.  From dance teams at top universities, cruise lines, Broadway, and professional dance companies, such as the world famous Alvin Ailey Company based in NY and Ballet X based in Philadelphia.  Our dancers are prepared and ready to advance if that is their life goal. 

Competition programs begin at age 4 and each program is designed with the child's age in mind.  Appropriate music and costumes are selected!  Parents often find that competition dance teaches much more than just dance.  It is a family sport, a family activity and a program that will enhance your child’s life forever.  Many awards grace the studio over the years and we are proud of each and every dancer that has taken this challenge.  Students are given the opportunity to study with some of the most talented instructors and choreographers in the U.S., such as Khasan Brailsford, Martha Nichols, Marissa Milele, George Jones Jr., Kylie Bronk, Brea Perdue, Lonni Olson, and Justin Milele.

Training schedule

Please contact the studio for full schedule.

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