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Challengers (ages 4-13)

Dance Productions – The Remix is excited to offer our Challenger dancers an opportunity to step into the next level of dance that also creates opportunities to perform and participate in regional dance competitions and at the spring recital.  A great way for not only the dancer but the family to experience a competition event and see if the dancer enjoys the experience of competing and the Challenge of the advanced level.   It is also exciting for the family!  Classes are created that our challenging, structured, and taught on the next level.  Dancers receive a dedicated program developing strong technical skills and increasing the terminology to match the age and level of the dancer.  We suggest that dancers entering this program has a minimum of 1 year experience.  The Challenger Program includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and opportunities to advance in Hip Hop and Tumbling.  The Challenger Teams is divided into Teenie Challengers, Mini Challengers, and Jr. Challengers.  Classes may be observed from the television located in the lobby, but parents are not required to remain in the studio during the lesson. Typically, Challengers participate twice a week in dance classes.  Challengers are the next step into the full Competition program as dancers take the official CHALLENGE!


Come Dance with Us at Dance Productions – The Remix and take the Challenge as dancers reach for the Stars!

*Staff recommendation required for enrollment. Contact the studio for more information.


Teenie Challengers Dance Attire

  • Pink Ballet- Capezio Hanami 2037C or 2037L

  • Tap Shoes-Capezio Mary Jane 3800C

  • Jazz Shoe -Bloch Pulse (Tan) SO470G or SO470L

  • Leotard-Any Color 

All attire is available at The Remix Boutique located at the studio.

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